Album releases

Uptown Midnite 2009

Beach with no color 2012

Good company 2014

Life in action 2015

When you see me 2015

I have always been into music, since I can remember. I use to record myself on a cassette deck player my parents bought me when I was about 5 years old. It had no hand held microphone, just a mono speaker.

Whether it was singing, rapping, or just talking, this was my personal recorder for the 80s. I loved recording and hearing my voice on that device.

I started rapping, mainly freestyling in jr. high school. I remember a history teacher in our jr. High would let my friend Kadoe Beat box with his mouth while I rapped over his beats what was written in the text books, Instead of reading it out loud as normal. Me and kadoe got good grades in that class.

While life took me to some beyond wild times as a teenager I still rapped here and there, house partys, after a few beers, you know. it was just fun.

When I was about 18, in the late 90s, my friend James Dries (RIP) had a Hard Metal
band called, “Your friendly neighborhood stop sign”. James played guitar in the band and asked me several times to come up with a couple rap songs with the group. he had heard some of written and freestyle raps when we were younger. I declined as I never really considered myself a “rapper”. I had wrote a few songs at the time but it was always just for fun, hadn't ever practice with a band or recorded professionally.  But he always liked my flows so eventually he talked me into it. The first time I came over for rehearsal was an awesome feeling.

Being in the “Stop sign” was a great experience. I came up with my first written,
rehearsed, and performed song called, “Summer Nights”. it was so gooood.

The first time I performed that song live was at the now closed “Anti Club” on Melrose in Hollywood.

but schedules, egos, and whatever else got in the way of the band staying together and we parted ways.

From that show at the anti club I met a kid around my age that lived in my neighborhood who made songs in his living room, on a tascam 4 track cassette recorder.

We did a couple of songs together, these were my first recorded songs. The quality wasn't great but the feeling was, my first multi track experience.

around 1999 I started to rap in a band called Jupiter's child. it was a rock band, classic rock. we did quite a few shows and had some great songs, the recordings are somewhere out there.

the year was around 2000. I ran into a childhood friend at a random party who made hip hop and other electronic based music. I meet up at his crib weeks later. there he was making music with a Kurzweil 2000. It's a sequencer. You could play a beat from its drum kit sounds with the keyboard.

You could also sample outside sound sources with the kurzweil, and play realistic instruments and synthesizers all in this unit. I had no idea instruments and tools like this existed. I was amazed. I started to ask a lot of questions on how to operated them.

now I wanted to make my own music. I had songs in my head since I was kid. I saved up money for months, and around 2001 I bought my first instrument. A Kurzweil 2500.

I fell in love with making music. The challenge and excitement of making songs by myself, and with no prior instrument playing abilities, was very fun to me. I could play the drums, guitar, horns, and sample sounds, all with a keyboard in front of me. for a street kid like me this was just what I needed. an outlet where I could create with out depending on anyone else.

In 2002 I released my first album, an underground album called “Teleportation”, which I made all the music for. I would go out from time to time and sell it on the streets for a few bucks a CD.

But I wasn't satisfied with my songs or quality of the my recordings. I knew nothing about recording properly or mixing, I love creating but with creating come responsibility for those creations. Some of the songs I recorded with a radio shack microphone, notes were out of place that shouldn't have been.

So for a few years after “Teleportation”, I decided to concentrate on getting much better at producing music and recording vocals and live instruments,
After all, I had no help and was teaching my self everything, composing, arranging, recording. so I disciplined myself.

From 2002-2004 I recorded plenty songs and made a couple hundred songs with no vocals on them. People around the neighborhood were hearing what I was doing and so I started working with a couple local rappers and singers.

 At that point I decided to focus on talents other than myself. This would give me some practice and experience under my belt to help with my own stuff down the road.

I continued working with various artist, recording my own stuff, doing shows, and promoting a lot online through myspace. Even getting number one artist in LA for song plays and views at times.

By this time it’s around 2008, I decided to take a break from recording albums with other artist and focus on my music solely. Which I hadn't really done in over 4 years. Up to this point I had made albums for over 5 people but hadn't put effort in to my own stuff. after all I did want to get better at my own stuff by getting experience working with others.

in 2009 I released the album “Uptown Midnite”. I printed 1000 copies and was selling it on the streets to strangers, to friends and handing some out.

By 2009 myspace's popularity was on its way out. And I didn't bother promoting my new album on other sites like youtube. I really just wanted to make music and avoid the online promotional side of it all at this point.

from 2009-2013 i just recorded lots of my own music. many, many songs. lots of experimentation, music of all genres.

Around early 2014 I felt I was ready to release my music properly and get back in the Social networking, and hit the streets again. releasing recently created music and working on brand new albums.

2016 will see the release of a few more never release albums as well as some brand new music from Laphayette.

I am also working on some movie scripts that I’m writing, as well as DJing my music mixed with 80s music at special events and parties. I started djing around 2008.

I play several instruments now, guitar, drums, keyboards.

I love art, I love life, I love people.

I have no style, my style is all styles. If my music was food it could be considered something like Gumbo.

I have no one genre I love, I love all kinds of music. I listen to and make them all.

I always originate, never duplicate.