I’ve heard throughout the years that 1% of the earths population is in the upper class (rich). And 0.1 percent is considered filthy rich. That seems like such a small percentage of people. The other night I was watching a video on youtube about a well known actor's (who I hung out with in the past when I was a young kid) birthday party. The champagne at this bday party was going for $50,000 a bottle. And the wine was going for even more.

I'm thinking to myself, where is all this money coming from? How can people have this kind of money to burn?

I did the math tonight. There are over 7 billion people on this planet. Well, one percent of that comes out to 70,000,000 people! And 0.1 percent of 7 billion is 7,000,000 people! Roughly 7 million people are filthy rich. That’s a lot of filthy rich people.and 70,000,000 apparently are well off. I understand that some countries are much poorer than others and maybe this 70 mil number might be a lil off, but it would be safe to assume that 40-50 mil people are very well off on this lil globe drifting through space.

There’s a lot of money out there to be made and spent. One percent is not such a lonely number to me anymore. One percent is not a small number in this relatively, not at all. Just putting this in to prospective…